Strategic Partnerships
at Ambiance Creations

Meet our esteemed partners who share Ambiance Creations’ commitment to sustainability and excellence in delivering superior design and materials for your projects.



Ambiance Creations takes pride in cultivating strong, strategic partnerships that align with our vision for sustainability, quality, and exceptional service. These relationships are not just about business transactions; they’re about shared values and a mutual dedication to creating a better future through responsible practices.


Our Trusted Network

We collaborate with a network of companies who stand at the forefront of sustainability and craftsmanship. Our partners are carefully chosen for their commitment to these principles, ensuring that every product we offer, from bespoke countertops to eco-friendly materials, contributes to a greener, more sustainable world.


Excellence in Material Selection

Our partnerships extend to select fabricators renowned for their premium materials and responsible sourcing. We don’t just provide; we curate. From the vast array of premium slabs to the finest finishes, our partners help us ensure that you have access to top-tier selections that meet our high standards for quality and environmental stewardship.


Guidance Through Expertise

Choosing Ambiance Creations means you’ll benefit from our hands-on approach, with expert guidance throughout. Our partners share our commitment to exceptional customer service, offering personal assistance at every stage. Together, we ensure your dream space becomes a reality.

We are proud to partner with Cambria, a renowned name that represents the pinnacle of American craftsmanship and innovative design in quartz surfaces. Cambria seamlessly melds artistic ingenuity with an unwavering commitment to quality, creating not just surfaces, but masterpieces that become the focal point of any room. With a devotion that borders on obsession, they ensure each piece is a testament to excellence — a promise they stand behind for life. Explore the world of Cambria and their stunning collections at

Ambiance Creations proudly features Fabuwood, a brand synonymous with luxury kitchen cabinets that balance functionality with style. Fabuwood’s array of choices meets diverse tastes and needs, ensuring that luxury and affordability go hand in hand. Their commitment to quality and efficiency is evident in every cabinet—designed to enrich homes of all sizes. For a taste of Fabuwood’s transformative collections, visit

Ambiance Creations is proud to feature selections from TGP, a distinguished provider of natural and manufactured stone since 2005. With roots in the Sarasota/Manatee area and expansion across Florida, TGP has consistently broadened its catalog to include exquisite Granite, Marble, Quartzites, and Dolomites, alongside Quartz, Porcelain, Precious Stones, and Ceramic Tile. TGP stands for unparalleled quality and service, sustained by a global network of suppliers and quarries. Their meticulous process ensures only first-quality materials make it from the quarry to your project. Discover TGP’s commitment to excellence and community at

We’re excited to partner with ZähBuilt, the epitome of innovation in outdoor cabinet manufacturing based in Melbourne, USA. With over thirty years in the industry, they have cemented their reputation as leaders in providing sophisticated yet utilitarian living solutions. ZähBuilt excels in their craft, continuously evolving to meet and exceed the expectations of dealers, contractors, design professionals, and homeowners. Their dedication to excellence is unwavering, always guided by their six fundamental tenets. Discover the ZähBuilt difference and their commitment to imaginative living solutions. For a closer look at their pioneering designs, visit

Ambiance Creations is delighted to partner with UltraCraft, a brand dedicated to full overlay, full access cabinetry that maximizes beauty and functionality in your kitchen. Their expertise allows them to offer designs with up to 15% more usable space than traditional framed cabinets, fitting more into your kitchen’s layout. With a commitment to incorporating cutting-edge ergonomic and functional hardware, as well as the newest organizational accessories, UltraCraft ensures that your kitchen is as efficient as it is elegant. Uncover the possibilities with UltraCraft at

Partnering with Hardware Resources, Ambiance Creations offers a comprehensive range of components essential for crafting beautiful and functional cabinetry. From elegant knobs and pulls to innovative lighting and durable hinges, their nine product groups encompass all aspects of cabinet design. With prestigious brands like Jeffrey Alexander, Elements, and Task Lighting under their umbrella, Hardware Resources manufactures top-quality wood and lighting products in the USA, ensuring swift delivery from their multiple warehouses. Dive into their vast selection at

Ambiance Creations collaborates with Pompeii Quartz, celebrated for crafting surfaces that echo the allure of natural stone, blending contemporary aesthetics with easy maintenance. Renowned for its quality and beauty, Pompeii Quartz offers an extensive selection of colors, patterns, and styles, perfect for any design project. Discover how our partnership can enhance your space at

Ambiance Creations elevates its digital footprint through a strategic partnership with RC Marketing Group and GT Mediex Design, specializing in social media and CRM services. With over 12 years of experience, RC Marketing Group enhances our online engagement and customer relationship management, ensuring tailored, effective marketing solutions. This collaboration brings a focused approach to social media and CRM, driving Ambiance Creations’ growth. Learn more about our integrated services at and

Ambiance Creations partnered with Green Mountain Builders to enhance our home design and remodeling services in Southwest Florida. This collaboration combines our strengths in interior design with their expertise in high-quality construction, ensuring superior results for our clients. Green Mountain Builders shares our commitment to exceptional quality and customer service, making them the ideal partner for creating homes that are not just built, but beautifully crafted. Learn more at

In partnership with these esteemed companies, Ambiance Creations stands as a paragon of sustainability and excellence in design. We invite you to explore the harmonious blend of craftsmanship and conscious creation that each of our partners brings to your project. With Ambiance Creations, you are not just redesigning a space; you are redefining what it means to live sustainably without compromising on elegance or quality.

Our Commitment to Excellence: The Core Values That Define Us


We stand for unparalleled quality in every facet of our work, from meticulously selected materials to the artful execution of each design, ensuring durability and aesthetic delight.


Integrity is our pledge, guaranteeing transparent practices and open communication, building trust and delivering on every promise to our valued clients.


Our designs are a testament to functionality, crafted not only to impress but to improve the way you live, work, and entertain, every day.


We celebrate the uniqueness of each client, embracing your individual story to create spaces that are as distinctive and exceptional as you are.